Our cake ranges include long shelf life ambient (6-12 months) products such as: brownies (individual and family size), and traditional Soft Cakes in convenient packaging (for kids, teenagers and family). As for the bread range, it includes short shelf life products (30-90 days), Pre-baked breads, Hamburger Breads, and other specialty breads but also longer shelf life products (9 months) such as Toast broads. Finally, we also offer waffles, crêpes and broken crispy crêpes.



We constantly seek to create innovating & new products adapted to each specific markets.

With products such as our caramel brownie or the “chocolate barr cake with a melting filling”, we are sure to provide constant original and added value products for our customers. Dedicated to children, we also created our first animal-shaped filled cake: The “Little Bro” rabbit cake

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